Some of the photographic works of the photographer Arnaud Manni.


This collection focuses on roots that generate life, which point tortuously to the heart of the lymph to escape from the cold universe, roots that branch on the thin border between the worlds of life and death.

It depicts roots as neuronal ramifications that transmute the simplicity of aesthetics, into abstract and complex natural-scientific schemes.

Photos outlines ties that connect universes in all its dimensions, from the infinitely small to the eternal, allowing the same roots to exist.

Another point of view focuses on frames of roots that remind us where we come from and that today we are the roots of the future.

Fifty artistic still life photos beautify by the “Net Style”, Arnaud’s creation, which project the roots of sunflower from main subject, in a work that ranges from the realism of the botany arriving to flow into other genres such as fine art, abstract, surrealism, and more.

The collection is divided into 4 seasons with the pictures grouped as follows: 12 Winter, 12 Spring, 12 Summer, and 14 Autumn.

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